Purity of design, uncompromised quality... FLUX from Michael Galinac is a modular tea light system that allows you to become the designer - choose from five principle pieces to create a look that is your own for table tops and home accent - mix and match to explore your own creativity.

A fusion of luxurious finishes and interlocking organic forms, FLUX are machined from the finest grade aluminum and hand polished to a deep luster. The outsides are smooth while the insides are faceted to reflect light. By design, the shapes nest and interlock. Once placed together it becomes difficult to see where one begins and the other ends... creating a seemless arrangement for the eye.

Not to be confused with import products, FLUX speak directly to those who desire something timeless and luxurious - a product that will evolve with your lifestyle and hopefully bring you pleasure for years to come.

When perfection is what you seek...